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Mt. San Jacinto College

Mount San Jacinto College (MSJC) is a community college located in Riverside County, California, USA. It serves the residents of the San Jacinto Valley and surrounding areas. The college offers a variety of educational programs, including transfer courses, career and technical education, and basic skills development.

MSJC has multiple campuses and education centers:

  1. San Jacinto Campus: The main campus of MSJC is located in San Jacinto, California. It offers a wide range of programs and services, including associate degrees, certificates, and transfer courses. The campus features various facilities such as classrooms, labs, libraries, and student support services.
  2. Menifee Valley Campus: This campus is situated in Menifee, California. It also offers a diverse range of academic programs and support services to students. The Menifee Valley Campus is designed to cater to the educational needs of the surrounding communities.
  3. Temecula Education Complex: MSJC’s Temecula Education Complex provides educational opportunities in Temecula, California. It may offer a more limited selection of courses and services compared to the main campuses.

MSJC aims to provide accessible and affordable education to its students, whether they are seeking to transfer to a four-year university, develop career skills, or enhance their personal growth. The college often collaborates with local businesses, industries, and other educational institutions to align its programs with the needs of the community.

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