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How to Get 100% Full Market Value for Your Home, Guaranteed!

How to Secure 100% FULL MARKET VALUE for Your Home – Guaranteed Success!

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Selling your home, likely your most significant asset, is a pivotal decision. In today’s fiercely competitive real estate market, achieving full market value requires correct pricing and effective marketing. This insider report unveils strategies to ensure your home sells for its true worth.

The Significance of Correct Pricing and Effective Marketing

Despite promises from many agents, the reality is that most homes don’t sell for the expected price. Unrealistically high listing prices and ineffective marketing contribute to this challenge, leaving homeowners disappointed.

The Dilemma:

  1. Unrealistic Pricing: Some agents set high list prices to secure listings, leading to potential disappointment.

  2. Ineffective Marketing: Proper pricing alone isn’t enough; homes must be marketed effectively to attract qualified buyers.

The Consequence:

Homes sitting unsold for months due to improper pricing and marketing techniques can be financially crushing. To avoid this, consider the following before choosing an agent.

Deciding Upon an Agent

A competent agent understands the market, provides information on past sales, current listings, and offers a comprehensive marketing plan. Evaluate candidates based on experience and qualifications.

Key Considerations:

  1. Correct Pricing: Work with an agent suggesting a realistic price by objectively comparing your home to similar ones in the neighborhood.

  2. Innovative Marketing Plans: Choose agents with innovative strategies to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

  3. Advertising Investment: Assess an agent’s advertising spend and knowledge of media effectiveness (newspaper, magazine, Facebook, Google, TV, online, etc.).


Does the agent offer a written guarantee that you will receive the mutually agreed-upon price for your home?

Your Home Sold for 100% Full Market Value – GUARANTEED

Some agents offer a groundbreaking program that guarantees, in writing, you will receive 100% of the agreed-upon price for your home.

The Process:

  1. Program Review: The agent explains the Full Market Value Guarantee program and its details.

  2. Aggressive Marketing: An aggressive marketing program ensures your home is exposed to numerous qualified buyers.

  3. Showcase Condition: Review the requirements to present your home in “showcase” condition for optimal showings.

  4. Accountability: Agents offering this program are accountable; the guarantee is in writing. If the sale doesn’t meet the promised price, they’ll cover the difference.

Full Market Value Guarantee Certificate

Upon the successful sale of your property, if it doesn’t reach the agreed-upon price, the agent will reduce their commission to bridge the gap.

Conditions Include:

  • Seller agrees to list the property for a specified duration.
  • The listed price is set within 2% of a mutually agreed market value.
  • The property is available for showings during reasonable hours and maintained in “showcase” condition.
  • The seller allows the agent to execute a full, approved marketing strategy.
  • A successful sale must occur before the listing agreement expires.

The seller understands this doesn’t obligate the agent to purchase the property.

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