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Your Home Sold Guaranteed


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How Does This Guarantee Work? Our FREE Report Details How!

Selling a home can be very stressful! At The David Limon Team it’s our goal to take away the stress and the uncertainty of whether or not your home will sell! We offer this exclusive guarantee program as an insurance policy to our clients as part of the your home sold guaranteed promise!

67% of Murrieta, Temecula Valley, and Inland Empire homes listed on MLS did NOT sell from their first listing. This fact has proven to be a very real problem for many local sellers. The David Limon Team’s goal is to eliminate this problem and to give each of our sellers the peace of mind that their home WILL sell to a qualified buyer or to David!

David’s goal is NOT to buy your home, but to quickly sell it for the highest possible price! The David Limon Team will aggressively market your home to buyers at the full market value, or we will buy it back. When it sells, you get the benefit of the higher price. It’s a win-win for you.

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Don’t Get Stuck Owning Two Homes

The Catch 22 Dilemma…

One of the biggest dilemmas when selling your Murrieta, Temecula Valley, or Inland Empire home is deciding whether to hire a real estate agent or try to sell it yourself. Hiring the wrong real estate agent is a risky business because your home could end up sitting on the market for a long time without an acceptable offer, or you could be forced to sell and compromise your bottom line.

The David Limon Team’s Guaranteed Sale Program Solves This Dilemma

To help you learn more about this program and how it can make your move less stressful, a FREE special report has been prepared entitled “How to Avoid Getting Stuck with Two Home”.

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