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Moving Kids? 10 Tips To Prepare Kids For A Move in Murrieta Temecula Valley

You just bought a house and you are so excited. What’s the one thing that we dread about buying a new house? Of course it’s the move, for anybody who has had to make a move but probably comes to no surprise that moving ranks comes in the top 10 most stressful events in your life. And once you add children into the equation the stress level only increases. In this video we are going to talk about how to handle a move with children.

Hi everyone it’s David Limon and in this blog we are talking about How to Make a Move with Children. In this blog we are going to talk about 4 of the 10 tips for Preparing Young Children for a Move. Before I get into it make sure you take a second to hit the subscribe button and like this video you can see all the helpful tips for buyers and sellers and more. Lets get started! 

Tip number 1 is tell your children about the upcoming move as soon as possible. Waiting for the for sale sign to appear on your lawn will only leave them feeling left out and most likely, angry.  

 Tip number 2, when packing, resist the urge to throw out all of your children’s old and unused toys. Instead, ask your children to help you prepare for packing by separating their toys into three piles. Pile 1 comes with them to the new house. Pile 2 is for donating to a local shelter or community center, and pile 3 is only for those toys that they understand are beyond repair, and for safety sake, should be thrown away. Allowing your child to decide what to do with his/her worn toys provides them a feeling of control in a situation that is largely, out of their control.  

This is tip number 3, Most kids make new friends at school easily, but if your moving date is scheduled after the end of the school year, your child could be facing a long, lonely summer break. Ask your neighbors who has young children and if they are interested in allowing your children to play together at the local park during supervised play dates.  

Tip number 4 is once the move has taken place, organize a “family exploring day”. Let your children help you plan an afternoon walk, or scenic drive through a specific part of your new town.  

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