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Moving Kids? 10 Tips To Prepare Kids For A Move in Murrieta Temecula Valley

While the excitement is palpable, one aspect of buying a new house often fills us with dread: the move. Moving is consistently ranked among the top 10 most stressful life events, and adding children to the equation can heighten the stress levels. We can provide essential tips on how to navigate a move with kids. 

I have a special report on ‘How to Make a Move with Children.’ We’ll focus on four out of the ten crucial tips for preparing young children for a move in the Murrieta, Temecula Valley and Inland Valley.  

Tip 1: Inform your children about the upcoming move as early as possible. Delaying this conversation until the ‘for sale’ sign appears on your lawn can leave them feeling excluded and upset. 

Tip 2: When packing, avoid discarding all your children’s old and unused toys. Instead, involve them in the packing process by categorizing their toys into three piles. Pile 1 includes toys that will come to the new house. Pile 2 is for donations to local shelters or community centers. Pile 3 is designated for toys beyond repair, which should be disposed of for safety. Allowing your child to decide the fate of their worn toys empowers them in a situation largely out of their control. 

Tip 3: Most kids make new friends at school easily. However, if your move aligns with the end of the school year, your child may face a lonely summer break. Connect with neighbors who have young children and consider arranging supervised playdates at the local park to help your child build new friendships. 

Tip 4: After the move, plan a ‘family exploring day.’ Involve your children in organizing an afternoon walk or scenic drive through a specific area of your new town. 

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